Adolescent Ducks

Cayuga Duck

Cayuga Duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

30 May 2008

[[  Most recent Update:  28 September 2012.  ]]

Dixie and Louis in their “wading pond”.
We have been using a small wading pond to let the ducklings get some exercise swimming around and diving below the surface.

They LOVE it!

We plan to have a larger and drainable permanent pond for them by the time they are grown. The pond needs to be drainable for cleaning because they love to make Gawd-awful messes while playing in the water. Ideally, they should have a pond with circulating water that cleans itself, but that is a bit beyond our “duck budget” right now.

Speaking of grown ducks, Dixie and Louis are a rare breed called “Cayuga Ducks”. (Yes, they have been officially declared as “rare”)

When they reach full maturity, they will look like this:
Meanwhile, we are enjoying the ducklings and all their cute antics.
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