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Tinker Tools

TOOLS If you are going to tinker, you will, of course, need some tools. The “Construction Techniques” chapter in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Handbook does a good job of showing what you need to get started. Actually, the … Continue reading

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Old WannaTinker Introduction

[[  Most recent Update:  28 September 2012.  ]] [[  NOTE: This post first appeared on my WannaTinker web site several years ago.  That web site went into the bit bucket many months ago and no longer exists.  This post is … Continue reading

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Dixie and Lois (Ducks)

[[  Most recent Update:  05 July 2012.  ]] Dixie and Lois, an update Yes, it’s Dixie and LOIS, not Dixie and Louis. Several weeks ago, we found that we had misnamed Lois – – she began laying eggs. For a … Continue reading

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Dodecahedron and Mobius

[  Most recent update: 28 September 2012.  ] Dodecahedrons and a Double-Twist MobiusWooden figures of various types have been an interest of mine for a long time. Most of the constructions and carvings I have done over the years are … Continue reading

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