Current Ham Rig April 2010

[  Most recent update:  28 September 28 2012.  NOTE – – the rig has changed a bit since this entry was originally posted on my Google blog in 2010.  ]

Good grief ! I see it has been a long time since I put anything into this blog. This entry has little or nothing to do with “tinkering” of any kind, but it may be of interest to some.

In any event, the photo shows the rig(s) I was using  in April 2012 to sling lightening around the globe.

A few “highlights”: The control head for the ICOM 706, which is the rig I use most, is shown near the lower left-hand corner of the photo. The large green objects in the middle of the photo are a SAILOR R1119 on the bottom with a SAILOR S1301 Exciter sitting on top. The exciter is intended to drive an 800 watt amplifier that I do not have. The S1301 has circuitry that blocks usage outside the commercial marine bands, so I can’t use it until I finish converting it for Ham Radio use. The R1119, however, is fully functional, and I use it mostly for SWLing and monitoring the Ham bands.

The two small white boxes on top of the S3101 are a home brew 40 meter transceiver on the left and an antenna tuner on the right. The other gear shown here, such as the CW paddle, will be familiar to any active HF Ham Radio operator, so I’ll not say anything about all that.

The painting of a harpy eagle in the background is the result of another hobby of mine, and that’s a story for another time.

73 for now . . .

About w6bky

Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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2 Responses to Current Ham Rig April 2010

  1. Paraventje says:

    Hi Clint,I strumbled across your Blog looking for information on the Sailor stuff……I got a Sailor R1119 and the S1301 from a friend.It did not come with any documentation. Please help me to power up the gear!. maybe you can send me the schematics how to connect the receiver and exciter. How much power is comming out of the exciter?ThanksHenk Kroezen, PA3EMX


  2. Paraventje says:

    Forgot to mention my email:


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