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Meet the Meter Master

    [  Most recent update:  27 August 2014.  ]       Several years ago, I found myself buying new meters even though I had a box full of mystery meters with calibrations such as “Tune for Max”, “Low, … Continue reading

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[  Most recent update:  28 September 2012.  ] The LM 21 Heterodyne Frequency Meter is vintage test equipment that is still sufficient for all but the most stringent requirements even though it has been around for more than 70 years.  … Continue reading

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[[  Most recent Update:  28 September 2012:  ]] A device for measuring inductance Over the years, articles describing devices for measuring inductance have appeared in QST, and elsewhere, but none of them were “just right” for me, so I have developed … Continue reading

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[  Most recent update: 28 September 2012.  ] Welcome to Junk Box Jewels My junk boxes (yes, that’s plural – I have several of them) contain a wide variety of electronic parts and gadgets that I have set aside because … Continue reading

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Spider and Bug

[  Most recent update:  28 Sept 2012.  ] While enjoying an after-lunch cup of coffee on the front deck, I spotted a jumping spider on top of the southeast corner post.  She had a bug of some sort in her … Continue reading

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A Carving called "Family"

[[  Most recent Update:  16 September 2012.  ]] This is a carving in redwood that was salvaged from an old barn. The carving is rotated about 45 degrees from one photo to the next, below. The finish is classic “bright … Continue reading

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