Spider and Bug

[  Most recent update:  28 Sept 2012.  ]

While enjoying an after-lunch cup of coffee on the front deck, I spotted a jumping spider on top of the southeast corner post.  She had a bug of some sort in her “mouth”, or whatever that part of a spider is called.

Be the time I returned from fetching the camera, she had crawled over the edge of the post, keeping the fly firmly in her grasp.  When I was within range for a photo, she turned toward me, then rushed back to the top of the post.  I took a few snapshots of her roaming about on top of the post, as if she was looking for a good spot to have lunch.

After snapping the photos I returned to my chair to continue enjoying my cuppa.  As I was sitting there, I decided to take a look at the photos – only to discover that all the photos of the spider on top of the post had  turned out blurry because I and/or the spider moved just as the photo was being taken.

The best of the lot is shown in the photo, above.

I returned to sipping the cooling coffee, wishing I had gotten better photos of the spider carrying its lunch about on top of the post.

As I set the coffee cup on the railing, I noticed that my little friend was coming to see me, carrying bug in front of her face.

I hastily grabbed the camera and captured the photo, below.

Look carefully and you can see the spider coming toward me , under the yellow leaf resting on the railing.

Perhaps the coffee cup on the rail spooked her.  In any event, she would come no closer than the yellow leaf.  She settled down and preceded to suck the juices out of the unfortunate bug.

Maybe she simply wanted some company while having lunch on the front deck.

I was happy to oblige while finishing my cup of coffee.  It was a very nice day to be sharing a lunchtime break on the deck during this accidental encounter.

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Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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