Hiking the River Trail

Ventura River Trail 03 May 2012

[  Most recent update:  28 September 2012.  ]

Walking is my only regular full-body exercise. Fortunately, the climate here in Southern California allows walking most days throughout the year.

The Ventura River Preserve, which snuggles up to the southern end of the Los Padres National Forest, contains a number of trails within a few minutes from my home in Ventura. These trails offer both flat stretches for easy hiking, and elevation changes for moderately difficult hiking.

There are several trailheads with easy access and parking. The Old Baldwin Road Trailhead is the one I visit most often.  The trail is paved with blacktop for the first few hundred yards, leading from the trailhead to well maintained bare dirt paths.

On 03 May 2012, many wildflowers were in blossom along the trail, beginning with wild mustard adjacent to the trails.






The dogs enjoy exploring the trails, and like to be in front.

” Come on, catch up!! ”  They seem to be saying.

Happy, the small dog out front, must be kept on a leash because he gets a bit carried away and wants to “go wild” and wander far off the trail.

Hobo, the larger dog, is much better behaved, so he can be off leash most of the time.






Other blossoming plants display their finest, mostly tiny, but very colorful blossom along the trail.




The penny is for scale, and you can see that these blossoms are quite colorful even though they are tiny and could easily be overlooked.









Several yucca plants near the trail were showing their spectacular blossoms.

















Not far from the trailhead, there is an abandoned pump house that once provided water for household use and irrigation to nearby settlements.








Other abandoned things litter the river bottom along the trail.



I have no idea what, exactly, these items are, but they were evidently abandoned long ago.







Other types of blossoms appear at various places along the trail – – –


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