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The paths I take for my morning and afternoon walks are, mostly, concrete sidewalks and / or parts of a bike trail that runs along California Highway 33 from near the beach to Ojai, and beyond. These walks take me through several different areas, including residential, retail businesses, industrial, and park-like settings.

There are a number of things to see as I walk through the various areas, including things that appear to have been abandoned, such as the vehicle pictured at the top of this page.

Upon close observation this vehicle seems to have been abandoned in a very wet place, possibly under water, for a long time before being “rescued” and places in the far corner of a parking lot in the industrial area of town. Rust, corrosion, and/or dirt cover just about everything. Loose wires, tubing, and hoses dangle from the engine.
The interior is in no better shape than the exterior . . .

I suppose someone has (or had) visions of restoring this large piece of junk to operating condition.

My suggestion would be tot haul it to the nearest salvage yard and sell it as “scrap iron”.

One area along the bike path is a large “storage yard” where some folks have evidently decided to place things that they can no longer use or toss into the scrap pile.

The boat pictured below is an example of the sort of things to be found inside the fenced area, along with camper trailers, trucks, cars, etc.

The boat appears to be someone’s unfinished dream boat or, perhaps, a boat full of dreams about the freedom of sailing the world’s oceans in a sailboat lovingly built by the sailor.

The strange looking thing protruding from the deck about where the mast will (perhaps) someday be stepped is a 5-drawer metal filing cabinet, covered with rust, and contains – – things known only to the builder (dreamer).

Having owned a number of sailboats, some of which I built, and having lived aboard my largest sailboat for a few years, I wish him (or her) good luck.

No, I do not currently own or live aboard a sailboat, and that’s a story for another day.

Other things are stored/abandoned in the same area that holds the sailboat. For example, here is a photo of one pile of abandoned things near the bike trail . . .

A closer look at this stuff reveals numerous unidentifiable items as well as a golf cart; miscellaneous tools; an old tower-type personal computer; various containers of several shapes, colors, and sizes (assumed to be empty); and electric motors. In addition there is “scrap iron” in several shapes and sizes.

Pictured below is an abandoned Pump House that that has been abandoned near the Ventura River. Evidently, this set-up was once used to pump water from the Ventura River to a nearby community.

This Pump House is near a walking trail that runs along the riverbed. This is part of a preserve that joins the southern end of the Los Padres National Forrest, which provides trails stretching along the coast all the way to the Monterey Bay area hundreds of miles to the north.

The rather large trunk, shown below, may have been a tool chest, a hope chest, or a treasure chest.

Be that as it may, the chest is suffering from long-term neglect, and appears to be ready to fall apart.

The hefty tackle attached to the box indicates it may be quite heavy, or might have contained heavy things at one time.

I have no idea what the thing shown below is.

This strange thing is about six feet in diameter and was obviously part of a very large piece of machinery – – note the large gear-like “teeth” at the far end. There is a large diameter shaft protruding from the bottom-center, and it may have been used to transfer torque to the big gear on top, or perhaps it simply stirred the contents of the container.
All of which brings us to last, but not least (for this blog entry) . . .

. . . an abandoned house.

The house appears to be salvageable, and someone cares enough about it to remove all the weeds that spring up occasionally (probably because the owner gets fined if the weeds are not removed).

The house is in a terrible location for a residence, facing one of the busiest streets in town in the middle of what is now an industrial area, and that is a good reason for it to be empty. The house s on a large piece of land which is surrounded by a six foot chain link fence, and I am sure it would fetch a good price as a site for some industrial purpose.

In any event, the house has been vacant, and for all practical purposes abandoned, for several years.

On that rather sad note, this blog entry comes to a close.

– – THE END – – –


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