October Blossoms 2012

02 October  2012

Here, near the coast in Southern California, plants blossom all year long. Of course, individual plants don’t blossom all the time (although some come close) and there are always blossoms to be enjoyed. Examples of what is to be found in our garden during October are featured below, but first . . .

. . . the photo of Loquat blossoms at the top of this page indicate that we will have a very good harvest of loquats in a few months. We usually get two crops per year with one harvest in late Spring / Early Summer, and another in late Autumn / early Winter. Some years there is only one harvest, depending upon the weather patterns and whether or not I remember to water the trees if we a re having a bit of a drought.
The only other fruit trees in blossom at the moment are the Guavas.

This Guava blossom shares a branch with a mature, but not yet ripe fruit, shown below.

It is not uncommon to have blossoms, fruit in various stages of maturity, and ripe fruit, all on a tree at the same time. This is particularly true of the Lemon, Guava, and Avocado trees.

The ducks seem to be wondering: ” What in the world is going on ?!! ” as I wander about the graden snapping photos.

Ducks whats going on png

The large tree beside the ducks is about 65 feet tall.

The tree sprouted in a flower pot soon after we moved into our house about 21 years ago. We kept it in a pot for a few years then decided to let it ” Spread it’s wings “, so to speak. And it has spread, indeed, both in girth and in height. I suspect it is dipping it’s toes into the Ventura River, which runs near our house.

Most of our plants are non-fruit-bearing, and these also offer us beautiful blossoms from tine to time.





These tiny blossoms . . .

For Repotting png



. . . are on a plant that sprouted in a container that had been set aside for cleaning and re-use.

The blossoms seem to be saying: ” See – I can still provide beauty in the garden, so please don’t discard me ! ”

Perhaps I should rescue the plant, place it in a nice sunny spot, and see what happens.

We have a three Plumeria plants, but only one is is in bloom at the moment.

The Plumeria plants seem to blossom whenever they feel like it, no matter what the season.

The Fuchsia, shown below, shares a raised flower bed, which are not in bloom at this time.

The image, below, shows buds ready to burst forth, with a blossom in the background. The blossom is about two inches in diameter.

The plant pictured below doesn’t seem to know what color to choose for the blossoms.

Finally, the little succulent plant in the photo below has blossoms and / or buds year-round. It lives in a small planter near our front door.

Suculent png

That’s all the October blossoms, for now.  Perhaps there will be different ones next year.

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