2012 Persimmon Harvest

Persimons in Tree 2 png


29 November 2012

[[  Most recent Update: 14 December 2013  ]]

We have harvested more persimmons this year than ever before.

Persomons and Pete png

Pete, the cat, loves to help with the harvest, as shown in the photo, above.

Dozens have been given away to relatives and friends – – and we have plenty left over for our  enjoyment.

There are still a few more hiding in the tree, and the ones at the very top will be left for the birds who visit the tree each day for a treat.

Some of the leaves are beginning to change color, and we will prune the tree after all the leaves have fallen, to get ready for next year’s crop.

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Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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