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Understanding Christian Theology

. . . a book review. [[  Most recent update: 30 december 2012  ]] Overall impression: Understanding Christian Theology is a book written for believers, as opposed to being appropriate explanation of Christianity for non-believers. No matter what denomination of … Continue reading

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H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S !

  Isn’t the Winter Solstice season wonderful ?! These holidays are celebrated, in one way or another, all around the world. Most people in the northern hemisphere celebrate the winter solstice as a part of the ancient agricultural cycle that … Continue reading

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The Essence of Buddhism

The essence of Buddhism Paraphrased from various sources. Buddhism is a way of life that can lead to enlightenment; enlightenment facilitates the elimination of human suffering. How do Buddhists strive to do this? First, recognize and accept the Four Noble … Continue reading

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A modest proposal for Income Tax Reform

13 December 2013   In order to promote government of the people, by the people, and for the people, taxpayers should be able to specify how at least 51% of their tax money is spent. The remaining 49% could be … Continue reading

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Sparrow & Persimmon

05 December 2912 The persimmon tree has been dropping colorful leaves like crazy for the past couple of days. Having harvested most of the fruit, we are leaving the remainder for the birds to enjoy. For example, the house sparrow, … Continue reading

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