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  10 January 2012 . . . Well . . . it’s exciting to us amateur astronomer types. The latest news release from NASA and ESA reports that both Vega and Fomalhaut have satellite systems analogous to our own solar … Continue reading

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The Bible

A book review For the record: Yes, I have read the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible; twice, from cover to cover each time, and parts of it I have read several times more. I must confess that the … Continue reading

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Ham Radio

[[  Most recent Update:  06 January 2013.  ]] Amateur (Ham) Radio has been am important part of my life for well over half a century. I have now phased out most Ham Radio activities that for many years occupied virtually … Continue reading

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2012 – A Memorable Year in my Life

January 2012 – Began blogging here on WordPress; the slow climb up the learning curve for the WordPress system has been fun and, at times, a bit frustrating. The visitor chart, below, shows that my visitor count has climbed to … Continue reading

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