Ham Radio

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[[  Most recent Update:  06 January 2013.  ]]

Amateur (Ham) Radio has been am important part of my life for well over half a century. I have now phased out most Ham Radio activities that for many years occupied virtually all of my “spare” time. Ham radio activities that I no longer do include, but are not limited to:

[] Participating in Ham Radio contests.
[] Participating in the Volunteer Examiner program to administer test for prospective new Ham Radio licensee.
[] Serving as net control station (NCS) for a Ham Radio training net.
[] Serving as a member of the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)
[] Serving as a training coordinator for MARS
[] Writing articles for publication in local Ham Radio club newsletters

Yes, I still operate “on the air” occasionally, Mostly CW (Morse code) and mostly 20 & 40 meter bands. In addition to occasional on the air activity, I continue to dabble in the electronics associated with Ham Radio, building low-power (QRP) transceivers and various accessory circuits.

I have discontinued most of the Ham Radio equipment that I have collected over the years. Equipment that I have given away or placed into storage includes:

[] Radio Receivers
[] Radio Transmitters
[] Antennas of various types, including a 4-band Yagi beam antenna for the high frequency (short wave) bands, along with a tower and antenna rotor; a Yagi beam antenna for the 2-meter band; antenna tuners; several yards of coaxial cable
[] Modem and protocol converters for implementing digital communication including Radio Teletype (RTTY), AMTOR, PACTOR, GTOR, and PKS31
[] Miscellaneous software for Ham Radio applications.

It has been quite a ride, and I have loved every minute of it, and continue to enjoy the hobby even though other activities now require time that would have previously been used for Ham Radio activity of one sort or another.

About w6bky

Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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1 Response to Ham Radio

  1. I have also been simplifying my radio operation. I guess the lousy state of the airwaves has contributed! I have far too much gear, much of it replicating what my main rig does. I am drawn to QQR and love building many of the fine kits available. Trouble is, Down Under I can bash away at the key for weeks on end (literally) and get no response, such is the sparse amateur population and large distances here. Oh well, it’s a challenge I guess much like fishing.


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