New Tripod

A 150mm aperture Maksutov telescope.

A 150mm aperture Maksutov telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Diagram of sub-aperture maksutov cass...

English: Diagram of sub-aperture maksutov cassegrain telescope. M 1 = primary mirror; M 2 = secondary mirror, C = meniscus corrector lens; F = focus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Tripod

[[ 06 June 2013 ]]

We are enjoying our new tripod very much.

New Tripod Small png
The photo shows our 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain sitting atop the new Orion “Versago” III MicroMotion Altazimuth Mount. The new mount provides micro-motion controls for both altitude and azimuth for smooth centering and tracking of objects, even with our most powerful eyepiece.

This is a vast improvement over our “old” tripod with it’s “Grab and Tug” telescope mounting.

We took the new equipment for a test run a couple of nights ago, and enjoyed seeing Saturn in all it’s glory.

Our next big investment in astronomical equipment will probably be a computer controlled Equatorial GoTo mount that will allow us to do better astrophotography, but that’s a bit pricy for our budget at the moment.

Meanwhile, we will continue to enjoy astronomical exploring with the equipment we have on hand.

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3 Responses to New Tripod

  1. john zande says:

    Not sure if i’ve spoken to you before about this, but are you aware of this great site showcasing many, many private observatories? I salivate as i scroll through them 😉


    • w6bky says:

      Thanks for the link . . .

      . . . and, in reply to your question about star gazing, we are still exploring the night sky, but the “June Gloom” with it’s foggy/cloudy weather extended through July, so opportunities have been somewhat limited of late.


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