The Cross

[ 20 June 2013  ]

The Christian Cross

Crosses png

Does anyone else think it a bit strange that a device used to torture and execute prisoners has become THE icon representing a major religion?









The Roman empire probably executed thousands, if not millions, of people by nailing them to a cross and torturing them until they died. Every one of those executions was a terribly traumatic event for the victim, and each victim would have suffered just as much, if not more, than Christ did during his execution.

Just another thing about Christians that I can’s quite understand . . .

. . . it seems to me that a happier, or at least a less gruesome icon, would be more appropriate for a religion.

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3 Responses to The Cross

  1. Mike says:

    Thank goodness Jesus wasn’t tortured using this

    Or even worse, if he was tortured sexually!!!!!! Can you imagine people wearing dildos on their necks?


  2. Daniel Digby says:

    It just symbolizes Christian love. You’re not suggesting replacing it with an Easter bunny are you? That would leave the wrong impression about love.


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