California Hot Rods

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Saturday 07 September 2013

For the first time since 1975, Ventura is having a Hot Rod show on Main St.

A few of my neighbors turned out this morning for the first Main St. Hot Rod fest in a long while . . .

More Neighbors png

Actually, it was more than a few.  In fact so many folks crowed onto Main St. that it was difficult to capture photos.

On display were Rods of every kind lined up on both sides of Main St.

At the Curb png

The “other” side of the street is shown below . . .

Other Side of the Street png

Red is a popular color for Hot Rods.

Red Roadster png

OK, but what is the thing shown below ?!  (You might ask.)

What is it png

It’s called the “Speed Demon”. (I reply).

Speed Demon png

The rear end of the Speed Demon shows where it gets it’s push from two rocket exhausts . . .

Speed Demon's Tail png

Checking out a more conventional engine . . .

Quite an Engine png

The photo, below, shows a “Rod”  created using a Studebaker “starlight Coupe” as a base.

Studebaker Rod png

When I was a much younger kid I owned one of these, but I never turned it into a Hot Rod.  I did, however, wrap it around a tree, and that’s a story for another day.

One “Odd Rod” that caught my eye is this one . . .

Beast with Big V8 png

This rather strange looking beast is powered by a huge V8 engine.

The show could go on, and on, . . . but if you have come this far, it is probably time to go find something else to look at.

Hope you enjoyed your visit.

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