The Palimpsest Path

04 January 2014

The bike trail that I use for many of my morning walks is paved with asphalt, and sits atop an old railroad right of way that runs from near the beach all the way to Ojai, almost 30 miles to the north.

Family Bikers png

The surface beside the paved bike path sometimes resembles beach sand. These areas record layer upon layer of footprints going in both directions along the path.

Palimpsest Path png

These footprints will be swept away by wind and rain periodically, then be replaced later by those who pass this way.

Sands of time png

Such is the fate of the footprints we make in the sands of time during our brief journey from null to void.


About w6bky

Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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