Hand Art

Hand Art Browsing around the www a while back, I came across something that I want to share with You . . . check out some of the extraordinary Hand Art by Guido Daniele, shown above. Not being as clever and creative as Guido, I have simply painted my left hand . . .

My Left Hand png   FYI: I plan to display more of my own paintings on this blog as soon as I gather suitable photos.

About w6bky

Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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3 Responses to Hand Art

  1. john zande says:


    Looking forward to seeing some of your work.


    • w6bky says:


      Thanks for dropping by. You are one of my few regular readers, and I appreciate the kind words.

      I’ve neglected my artistic hobbies for quite a while, and now thinking of devoting more time in that direction. Virtually all paintings on hand are ones I started years ago and never have gotten around to finishing. Perhaps I can post some of them as “Unfinished Works”, or something like that.


      • john zande says:

        That’d be great! I dabble, but i don’t think what comes out the other end even approaches something that could be called “art.” 🙂


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