Graphic by NASA

27 October 2015

A few months ago, before I had ever heard of Andy Weir or his book, “The Martian” I realized that I had not posted anything to this blog for a long, l-o-n-g time because various distractions had been eating up all my time and energy.

So, I decided to correct the situation by creating some new material, just to get back into the swing of things, so to speak. I knew that my former readers (both of them) had probably long since removed me from their reading list and forgotten all about this blog.

– sigh –

OK, I have work to do in order to create something that will be of interest to new readers as well as the former ones.

“Something that will be of interest” should, of course, be something in which I have a genuine interest; otherwise it would simply turn into a chore.

. . . and what, exactly, would that something of interest be? I asked myself.

After quite a while mulling the search for just the right subject, I decided to write about NASA, space flight, etc. because those sorts of things have been of interest to me since before there was a NASA.  Not only that, but this seems to be of interest to the general public these days.

So, I began doing some research and collecting data on various aspects of NASA’s operations and plans for a voyage to Mars, and learning quite a lot along the way. For example, I downloaded and printed NASA’s Mars Mission Plan (All 35 pages of it, complete with graphics); a well written and informative document. You can check out the plan for yourself on NASA’s website. [[ http://go.nasa.gov/1VHDXxg ]]

Just about the time I had my first new entry ready for prime time (not what you are reading now), here came Andy Weir and “The Martian”.

More distraction(s) !

I bought the book, read it (twice) and watched the movie (3D, on the biggest screen in the county). Both the book and the movie are excellent – in my totally unbiased opinion.

By exercising all the discipline I could muster, I got back to working on this blog and suddenly realized that anyone who was interested in NASA, space flight, etc. would probably go to NASA’s website to get information.

Here I am wasting my potential reader’s time by posting information that the reader can get or has already gotten from the same place that I get most if my ideas and information.

Brazzelfratzz !!!! Foiled, again !

– – BUT – –

I have already compiled (for my own use) something that may be of interest to fans of NASA, SiFi, space travel, etc. : a list of Terminology, Definitions, and Acronyms related to the space industry in general and NASA in particular.

And that list, dear reader, is what I will post next here on this blog.

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Retired 29 May 1987. Now do hobbies: blogging, ham radio, gardening, etc.
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3 Responses to Hello AGAIN

  1. john zande says:

    Good to see you back! And you should post on NASA’s activities. I find their site horrible to navigate through, so anyone willing to dig out the really fun bits, and edit them into a page would be more than welcome!

    Have you been following DSCVR? Some of the images are astonishing… although I have to say I was tremendously disappointed when I learned they weren’t going to be streaming live video. I’d heard they were, and had been giddy with excitement for well over a year. Oh well, the stills are good, and maybe one day in the near future we can have a technologically-enabled overview effect.


  2. w6bky says:


    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

    Yes, NASA’s website can be a bit difficult to navigate, especially when you are looking for you saw there a while back and want to find it again.

    I have visited the DSCOVR web page(s) a few times, but I’m not a “follower” who automatically gets updates about Earth wether, etc. Just watching the cloud formations as they roll by is reason enough to visit often.

    As you have probably guessed my main interest is in NASA activities having to do with space travel in general and the upcoming Voyage to Mars in particular.

    This morning I watched the two astronauts exit the ISS for their “space walk” on NASA TV, then got distracted by breakfast and some chores around “the ranch”.


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