Let’s Get Our Asses to Mars !! (LGOATM #1)


All Photos and illustrations, CREDIT Space X and/or NASA unless stated otherwise.

Right now it looks like Elon Musk may beat NASA to Mars with his plan to get us there sometime in the 2020’s, and the Musk plan calls for COLONIZATION, not just a short stay to plant the flag and leave some footprints on Mars.

Sounds pretty ambitious, but I wouldn’t bet against a guy who  invented Pay Pal, sold it  a few years later for 150 million bucks or so; then established Tesla Motor car company; Space X; and other thriving companies that seems to be doing quite well.

Now Mr. Musk has developed manufacturing facilities to build new and more efficient rocket engines to power his Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT) which uses 42 of the new “Raptor” engines in the booster to fling people and supplies to Mars until the colony becomes self sufficient and will be the second planet for us homosapiens to call home.

In case you missed the news, a photo of a prototype fuel tank that will cary the liquid oxygen required to provide power for the huge MCT rocket has already been built – – see below.

Notice the workers standing at the bottom of the tank for size comparison.


Yes, it takes a lot of fuel to power the 42 Raptor rocket engines because the MCT will be a really B-I-G rocket – – well over 10,000 tons on the launch pad ready for lift-off.

What will the whole thing look like ?? (you might want to know).

The MCT has yet to be built and the Saturn V , if one still exists, is probably in a museum or junk yard – somewhere.  So, I did some cut/paste and came up with the illustration you see below . . .

The small white blob near the lower left-hand corner of the this illustration is to show the relative size of a human compared to the rockets. The Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT) will be used both for carrying passengers (about 100 per trip) and/or cargo from Earth to Mars during the colonization process; a process that is intended to transport about a million Colonists to Mars over a period of up to 100 years. The plan call for the initial small colony of about 20,000 colonists on Mars by 2050, or so . . .


Artists illustration of initial relatively small Colony on Mars.

The Musk Mars Plan (MMP) calls for launch Pad #39 at JFK Space Center in Florida to be updated to accommodate the Mars Colonial Transporter.

The entire colonization process will require thousands of trips to Mars in order to transport about one million colonists to Mars.

This goal seems a bit optimistic, but Mr. Musk may surprise me, and others who question his ambitions. In any event, I think the colonization of Mars is a much better way to spend our time and treasure than continuing to build more and better killing machines so we can keep the military/Industrial complex in business.

But that’s a subject for another day.

Meanwhile, I have gathered enough information and graphics for a couple more posts about the Musk Mars Plan (MMP) and I hope to have have them organized, edited, and ready for publication soon.


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