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Juno @ Jupiter

Something well worth watching ; something never before seen by human eyes . . . Thanks to the scientists, engineers, technicians, mathematicians, and others at NASA. Enjoy!

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James Web Space Telescope

25 November 2015 A quick brake from The Voyage to Mars to show what’s going on right now regarding the construction of the James Web Space Telescope (JWST) which is scheduled to be launched in 2018 as a replacement for the … Continue reading

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Dawn Journal: 7 Years of Interplanetary Travel

The spacecraft, Dawn, was launched from Cape Canaveral 27 September 2007, and is now on it’s way to the dwarf planet, Ceres, after having been in orbit around the asteroid Vesta for 14 months, sending back dozens of photographs and … Continue reading

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The Pale Blue Dot

This is for anyone who does not know about Carolyn Porco’s work in general and The Pale Blue Dot in particular. Simply follow the link below for the complete story, and more images . . . Enjoy!  

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360 degree view of the Milky Way

NASA”s Spitzer Telescope captures a geocentric 360 degree view of the Milky Way For images and details of this amazing feat, follow the links, below . . . Overview: More Images and Details: Enjoy !  

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[[ Image, above, is from Google images.  ]] In the first two months of 2014 NASA’s Kepler telescope has discovered and verified more exoplanets than previously known.  Many of these newly found planets might be capable of supporting life as … Continue reading

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Rosetta is Awake

  Europe’s comet chaser spacecraft, Rosetta, has been awakened from a 31 month hibernation after arcing beyond the orbit of Jupiter on it’s way to Comet 67P. Rosetta will arrive at the comet later this year and deploy a lander … Continue reading

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