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Ham Radio

[[  Most recent Update:  06 January 2013.  ]] Amateur (Ham) Radio has been am important part of my life for well over half a century. I have now phased out most Ham Radio activities that for many years occupied virtually … Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome aboard.

[[ Most recent Update:  30 November 2015.  ]] You may have came here expecting to find stuff about my Ham radio station, W6BKY, or about activities associated with the Ham radio hobby.  That’s just fine.  There will be some of … Continue reading

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[  Most recent update:  28 September 2012.  ] The LM 21 Heterodyne Frequency Meter is vintage test equipment that is still sufficient for all but the most stringent requirements even though it has been around for more than 70 years.  … Continue reading

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[  Most recent update: 28 September 2012.  ] Welcome to Junk Box Jewels My junk boxes (yes, that’s plural – I have several of them) contain a wide variety of electronic parts and gadgets that I have set aside because … Continue reading

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